Apple pays VirnetX $454 million in patent infringement case

One of Apple’s longstanding patent infringement trials has officially come to an end, as Apple has now paid VirnetX millions of dollars.

VirnetX today officially announced that it has been paid $454,033,859.87 by Apple. This particular trial has been going on since 2010, and it was related directly to patent infringement accusations made by VirnetX against Apple tied to FaceTime. There have been a variety of numbers thrown around, all of which have been Apple having to pay some sort of amount over the years.

In 2016, for instance, Apple was ordered to pay just over $300 million in this particular case. Eventually, due to interest and other ballooning costs, Apple was ordered to pay $440 million in January of last year. And here we are, in March of 2020, when Apple has officially paid VirnetX just over $450 million. Apple has appealed the decisions over the years, but Apple hasn’t lucked out with any of them.

Most recently, back in February, we reported that the United States Supreme Court had refused to hear one of Apple’s latest appeals. That was basically the last straw for Apple, ultimately resulting in this move when Apple has paid VirnetX millions of dollars.

And this is just one of the two VirnetX cases between it and Apple. The other has Apple paying just over $500 million.