Apple has reportedly postponed the rumored March media event due to coronavirus concerns

Another day, another change for Apple as it continues to evolve its business plans due to global outbreak of the coronavirus.

This time around it’s a change to an event that’s only been rumored, and is not actually official by any means. If you’ll recall, we reported back in February that Apple was planning to host a media event before the end of March. The company was expected to unveil things like the oft-rumored iPhone SE 2 and an iPad Pro with a triple camera setup on the back of the tablet. There could have been a variety of other products unveiled at the event as well, but it sounds like the company has decided against that plan.

According to a report tonight from Cult of Mac, based on information the publication gathered from an unnamed source at Apple, the company has opted to postpone the media event it originally had planned for the end of March. The reason? The global outbreak of the coronavirus and COVID-19, the disease it causes. California has been especially negatively impacted by the outbreak, and the Santa Clara County Public Health Department recently banned mass gatherings of 1,000 people or more altogether in the region.

That ban is in place between March 11 and April 1.

The report indicates that the declaration by the Santa Clara health officials was a “major factor” in Apple’s decision. However, it wasn’t the only one. Despite plenty of contradictory reports regarding the production of Apple’s upcoming low-cost iPhone, it turns out the coronavirus has played havoc with the production of the device, and there are delays in place on the backend. Indeed, the report says two products are seeing delays:

The source within Apple was told the Santa Clara County order was a “major factor” in the company’s decision not to hold the March product event. In addition, “delays in producing two of the primary products,” and not having those new devices ready to sell worldwide soon after the event were part of “multiple circumstances” leading to the postponement. The source would not elaborate further on the details of those two products.

The source said Apple had a relatively easy decision after coming to terms with the production delays for two of the devices it planned on unveiling at the event.

Why have an event when the products aren’t ready?” the source said. “It’s a pretty simple decision.

With so many products rumored to see the light of day from Apple in the near future, a media event before the end of this month made sense. However, it’s worth noting that Apple hadn’t actually announced anything or sent out invitations for the event, so it’s not like anything on the consumer side of things has been delayed (yet). But it’s also not surprising to hear that Apple has had to adjust its plans due to ongoing coronavirus concerns.

We’re all waiting to see whether or not Apple cancels this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, which is expected to happen at the beginning of June.

What do you think? Should Apple just go ahead and cancel WWDC this year?