Apple’s $400 Mac Pro wheels don’t have a locking mechanism

A lot of different items that feature wheels, like a stroller for instance, feature a locking mechanism.

The $400 wheels accessory option for the new Mac Pro is not one of them, sadly. This particular fact was discovered by MKBHD, also known as Marques Brownlee, as part of a review of the Mac Pro that was published recently. In a subsequent tweet, Brownlee says, “#protip don’t get the wheels if you keep this thing on your desk. There’s no locks”.

The tweet includes a video in which you can see the Mac Pro, outfitted with the wheels accessories that cost a whopping $400, rolling around pretty freely thanks to the fact it lacks any kind of locking mechanism.

Here’s the tweet:

If you want to check out MKBHD’s review of the Mac Pro, you can click this link.

As mentioned above, the wheels for the Mac Pro are not cheap. They cost $400. But Apple will start selling them as a customer-installable aftermarket option in the near future, just in case anyone who buys a Mac Pro and doesn’t get the wheels right out of the gate changes their mind down the road.

You won’t be surprised to hear that some folks are having a bit of a laugh at Apple’s expense over this. Take, for example, a Jony Ive parody account on Twitter that published an image of a “Wedge Pro” (or “Apple Wedge Pro”). This could be used as a stopper for the wheels, since they lack a locking mechanism of their own.

It’s an interesting omission on Apple’s part, to be sure. Should the wheels on the Mac Pro feature a locking mechanism, you think?