Netatmo’s Smart Indoor Camera now supports Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video system

Netatmo yesterday announced that official support for Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video feature will be gradually rolled out to owners of its $200 Smart Indoor Camera in form of a free firmware update which is scheduled to arrive in the coming days.

The new software for the Smart Indoor Camera will be “gradually available” in the coming days.

HomeKit Secure Video launched last year to solve potential privacy and security issues stemming from using third-party security cameras. Smart accessories that are compatible with HomeKit Secure Video never upload your camera footage to a third-party cloud.

Instead, video analysis is performed locally on your iPad, HomePod or Apple TV. Moreover, the footage is end-to-end encrypted and securely stored in iCloud where no one can see them.

Netatmo, writing in a blog post on its website:

Thanks to  HomeKit  Secure Video support, Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera users will be able to store their videos locally on the included microSD  card free of charge and on their iCloud with select storage plans.

Users will benefit from 10-day automatic iCloud storage for their videos, and this will not affect their storage capacity. If they want to keep the videos, after these 10 days, they will be able to save them in their iCloud, which will count against their storage limit.

The paid 200GB iCloud storage tier is required for a single HomeKit Secure Video camera.

As mentioned before, the last ten days of your recordings are automatically saved in iCloud without counting against your current storage limits. The 1TB iCloud storage plan is required to support up to five HomeKit Secure Video cameras.

Netatmo’s Smart Outdoor Camera will be getting ‌HomeKit‌ Secure Video support later this year.

Netatmo has been producing HomeKit-compatible accessories for the connected home for several years now, including smart home appliances such as its outdoor camera and light, a smoke detector, a radiator valve, a thermostat and various indoor cameras.