Gravitation brings gravity to your jailbroken iPhone’s Home screen

Longtime jailbreakers like myself will remember those fun and quirky jailbreak tweaks that could be invoked to simulate gravity on your iPhone’s Home screen. Upon triggering a configured Activator gesture, one could watch in awe as their Home screen icons all fell to the bottom of the screen, almost as if there was a gravitational pull being imposed on them.

It’s been a while since we’ve witnessed such a tweak, but with newfangled jailbreaks like checkra1n and unc0ver permitting various iOS 13 devices to be pwned, now seems like a as good a time as ever for such tweaks to surface once more. That’s why iOS developer Kritanta has released a new and free jailbreak tweak called Gravitation.

Just as the name implies, Gravitation brings the beloved gravity behavior to your jailbroken iOS 13 device’s Home screen. In the screenshot example above, you’ll see how the icons all appear to fall to the bottom-left corner as we hold our device slightly angled in our hand.

As you might come to expect, the icons move with the flow of gravity, so turning your device upside-down will result in all of your icons falling to the top of the display, and vice-versa.

Gravitation is triggered using a shake gesture, and once the effect is in full-swing, you can use the shake gesture again and all your Home screen icons will bounce back to their original positions. Notably, the tweak doesn’t use Activator as many of the previous tweaks with similar natures did.

Once installed, Gravitation puts a new preference pane in the Settings app where you can configure a few options:

Here, you can:

  • Enable or disable Gravitation on demand
  • Enable or disable ‘finger gravity’

As the developer puts it, ‘finger gravity’ prevents page scrolling as long as the Home screen’s app icons are unhinged from their original locations.

Those interested in trying Gravitation can download it for free from the OpenPack repository in their preferred package manager. Gravitation supports jailbroken iOS 13 devices and is open-source for those interested in learning more about what makes the tweak tick.

Will you be installing Gravitation to impress your friends with your newfangled jailbreak? Discuss in the comments section below.