U.S. Court of Appeals rules Apple won’t get a rehearing in patent battle with VirnetX

Patent infringement battles are nothing new, especially not for Apple. And sometimes they can take years to complete.

Take, for example, the patent infringement case between Apple and VirnetX, which has been going on since 2010. At that time, VirnetX accused Apple’s FaceTime of infringing on owned patents, of which there are many. As such, there are multiple lawsuits involved, too.

Now,¬†Bloomberg reports that Apple has lost its bid for a rehearing, based on a rising from the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. The court has rejected Apple’s appeal to reconsider the ruling set back in November of last year, which Apple as ruled to have infringed on two patents owned by VirnetX. In that case, it was a bit of a mixed bag as the court did overturn two other patent infringement cases, while confirming another two.

The initial $502.6 million that Apple was initially supposed to pay VirnetX was vacated back in November, too. While that ruling was in favor of VirnetX, it will be sent to a lower court to discover whether or not damages can be recalculated.

So, at this point, VirnetX and Apple are simply waiting to find out just how much Apple will be ordered to pay this time around.

This is not the only case between Apple and VirnetX. In January of 2019, Apple was ruled to pay VirnetX $440 million. Apple did not win on appeals in that case, either.