The HomePod is launching soon in India

Earlier this week, Apple launched iOS 13.3.1 to the public. Part of that release included new firmware version of the company’s smart speaker, the HomePod, which included support for Indian English for Siri.

So it’s not surprising to hear that the HomePod is now launching in India. It will be available soon. At the time of publication the landing page for the HomePod in the region has the device listed, with the specifications and features all spread out for potential customers, along with a price: ₹19,900 MRP.

That puts it at about $280 USD, which makes it even cheaper than you can buy it in the United States — even after the price drop.

For folks who do want the HomePod, they’ll need to buy the smart speaker through an authorized reseller once the smart speaker goes on sale if they want to buy it in a store or online. Apple doesn’t have an official retail presence in India just yet.

Unfortunately we don’t know when, exactly, it will be available to buy. But it will probably be soon, considering how many things are now live showcasing the device in the region.

Once the smart speaker sales start in India, we will update this post accordingly.