LiveRings updated for iOS 13, animates the Activity app icon’s rings

If you take advantage of the standard fitness features that ship with your iPhone and Apple Watch, then you might use the native Activity app to view daily progress. As you proceed, the rings inside the app slowly complete a 360–degree circle, an achievement commonly known as ‘closing rings.’ My only gripe with this is that you have to open the app to see any details.

Thankfully, a jailbreak tweak called LiveRings by iOS developer CPDigitalDarkroom lets you view a summary of your activity directly from the Home screen without even launching the Activity app. That’s because the tweak animates the Activity app icon itself to depict ring-closing progress.

In the screenshot example above, you discern for yourself how LiveRings transforms what is regularly a bland and lifeless app icon into a live depiction of your daily Activity progress right before your eyes. The details you see here are exactly what you would see if you launched the Activity app for an exploded version.

With iOS’ Calendar and Clock app icons regularly updating to display live information from the Home screen, LiveRings makes the Activity app icon feel right at home in that respect. It augments an already useful feature from Apple and makes your iPhone just that much more fun to look at.

LiveRings isn’t a new tweak, but it has been totally refreshed for the likes of iOS 13 and the latest iOS devices. Those seeking to try it out can download it for free from CPDigitalDarkroom’s personal repository. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 13 devices.

Do you like what LiveRings does with the native Activity app icon? Let us know in the comments section below.