App Store experiencing issues finalizing in-app purchases [Update]

If you are running into an issue with in-app purchases being finalized, you’re not the only one.

UpdateAccording to Apple’s system status page, the issue(s) affecting the App Store have now been fixed. So completing in-app purchases should be okay now.

The original article continues below.

Apple’s system status page is indicating that the App Store is experiencing issues right now. According to the page, the issues started cropping up at 8:27 AM local time, and are currently listed as “ongoing”. There is no mention of when a fix might be made available. Apple’s page that “some users are affected”, and adds:

Users are experiencing a problem with this service. We are investigating this issue.

It appears the problem is related to in-app purchases. Many developers have posted that they’ve blocked access to the iOS App Store due to the fact that these purchases aren’t being completed as they should. That includes huge multiplayer games like Fortnite:

At the time of publication there is no telling how severe the problem is. However, it’s large enough that even Fortnite is having to take some action on the matter.

When the problem is fixed, though, we will update this post accordingly.