Apple launching new Activity challenge for employees in February

Every year, Apple hosts a fitness challenge for its employees. This year will be no different, with the latest activity challenge launching in February.

As first noted by¬†MacRumors, which includes an image of one of the rewards Apple employees can earn through the course of next month, Apple’s internal activity challenge will task employees with closing each of the three Apple Watch Activity rings every single day of the month.

For any employees who successfully complete the challenge, they will earn themselves a T-shirt that reads “2020” on the front, stylized in the Activity rings on the Apple Watch. You can see what it looks like in the image at the top of this article.

What’s more, employees that complete the challenge every single day will earn themselves a gold pin, and a “gold rating”, along with the aforementioned T-shirt. Silver awards and pins, along with bronze awards and pins, are also available for employees who might not be able to secure all three Activity rings every single day.

This is just an internal challenge for Apple employees. So while Apple may launch a general Activity challenge in the month of February for Apple Watch owners that aren’t Apple employees, that won’t include any physical prizes.

Though, that’s an interesting idea. What if Apple did start offering up physical prizes for folks who did close out their Activity rings every single day for a month? Nothing huge, but it could be another incentive for folks.

What do you think?