Zagg may launch an AirPower-like wireless charging mat this year

If you’d prefer a mophie-branded wireless charging mat with a “drop anywhere” feature, one may be on the way.

Bloomberg has the report on Tuesday, detailing a plan from Zagg to launch a mophie-branded wireless charging mat at some point in the future. Probably before the end of 2020. According to the report, Zagg is quietly teasing the device at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), going as far to pitch the idea to not only the press, but also select retailers.

As mentioned above, this would fall under the mophie brand. And while mophie already offers plenty of wireless charging pads, this would be different in that it would rival Apple’s defunct AirPower wireless charging option because it would support the ability to basically set a device down anywhere on the mat to charge it wirelessly.

There are a variety of different wirelessly charging mats out there, and many of them feature Qi-certified charging pads below the surface. And while this does mean you can charge multiple devices, you have to put the gadgets down in exact spots to make sure they successfully charge.

The difference between that and AirPower, and basically the primary reason why so many people were looking forward to Apple’s effort, was the fact you could put a device down on the mat anywhere. This means you could put a device that supports wireless charging down on any spot and get the battery recharged.

Zagg Inc. said it is developing a wireless charger with capabilities that Apple Inc. has so far failed to master with its canceled AirPower.

The new accessory will power iPhones and other mobile devices regardless of where they are placed on the charging mat, Zagg said. This feature has been a challenging goal of several technology companies in recent years.

Zagg seems pretty confident in the idea. At least enough to start teasing the device at a major consumer electronics event like CES. But of course that doesn’t mean it’s actually going to launch. After all, even Apple couldn’t get AirPower off the ground.

If Zagg can launch the mophie-branded wireless charger, would you buy one?