Zebra package manager updated to v1.0.1 with bug fixes and improvements

The jailbreak community kicked off the new year yesterday with the first official public release of the Zebra package manager, an alternative to defaults like Cydia and Sileo that are traditionally pre-installed by jailbreak tools in order for users to install and manage jailbreak tweaks and extensions.

Today, however, Zebra received its first formal update to version 1.0.1 with a generous handful of bug fixes and improvements.

Citing the change log on the official Zebra GitHub page, v1.0.1 incorporates the following changes:

New in this version:

– Added support for repo icons

– Icons can be installed via a package to /Applications/Zebra.app/Sections/.png and will be displayed when a package matches that exact section name

– Sources that have already been added from “Community Sources” will now no longer show up in the page

Fixed in this version:

– Fixed an issue where the headers in the change log section would not respect the user’s dark mode setting

– Localized some missing strings in the Refresh view and the Console

– Fixed an issue when modifying Zebra from within Zebra and it was the only package in the Queue, a duplicate “Installing Packages…” or “Removing Packages…” would show up with no actions before the “Installing Zebra…” section was run.

– Fixed an issue where the clipboard popup would appear when in the repo blacklist in settings

– Fixed an issue where the “Report a Bug” link on the homepage would 404

– Fixed an issue where Zebra could not modify packages that had been marked as Ignored Upgrades in Cydia

– Made the linking of downloaded .deb files to their respective packages more reliable

– Fixed an issue where the wrong version would display when removing a package that has an upgrade

If you, like many, installed the initial public release yesterday, then the update is available from the official Zebra repository from any package manager and should present itself in the Changes tab upon refreshing your sources.

Haven’t installed Zebra yet? No worries! Just follow the step-by-step tutorial we made about installing Zebra on your jailbroken iOS 9 through 13 device.

How are you liking the changes in Zebra v1.0.1? Discuss in the comments.