Get the iPhone X screenshot gesture on older iPhones with this tweak

The removal of the Home button from Apple’s notched handset lineup compelled the company to adopt a new button sequence for snapping screenshots on those devices. I’ve gotten accustomed to the new button sequence since adopting notched iPhones as my daily drivers since the iPhone X debuted, and I’ve found it somewhat challenging to remember to use the old screenshot button sequence on Home button-equipped devices.

If you’re like me and wish Apple would simply update iOS to make the screenshot button sequence the same across all devices for consistency’s sake, then you might appreciate a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed Shot Pro by iOS developer Arablag, as that’s exactly what this add-on does for older handsets.

While older iPhones and iPads traditionally required you to press both the Home button and the Side button simultaneously to capture a screenshot, newer handsets without Home buttons instead have you press the volume up button along with the Side button to perform the same action.

Installing Shot Pro on an any Home button-equipped iPhone from the 5s to the 8 fixes this quirk, instead making the screenshot button sequence exactly the same as it would be on any notched device.

Shot Pro has two primary advantages to the default screenshot button sequence on older devices:

  • Uses a more robust volume button in place of failure-prone Home buttons for screenshots
  • Makes the user experience more consistent between different types of iOS devices

Shot Pro doesn’t come with any options to configure, and to be fair, it really doesn’t need any. Merely installing the tweak imbues your older iPhone with the same screenshot gesture that newer iPhones use, and it’s as easy as that.

Those interested in downloading Shot Pro can snag it for free from the Twickd repository in their preferred package manager. Notably, the tweak only supports jailbroken iOS 12 on devices with Home buttons, as it’s not necessary on newer devices.

Do you like the idea behind Shot Pro? Let us know in the comments section below.