LetMeDecline makes it easier to decline calls when your iPhone is locked

When you receive a phone call from your locked iPhone, iOS automatically directs you to a ‘slide to answer’ interface with no obvious way of dismissing the phone call. You can press the side button a couple of times to dismiss the call, but not everyone knows this, and it this seems like a user interface shortcoming on Apple’s part.

Given the circumstances described above, we’re especially pleased to see the release of a new jailbreak tweak called LetMeDecline by iOS developer P2Kdev. As depicted in the before and after screenshot examples above, this tweak replaces the ‘slide to answer’ bar with dedicated Decline and Answer buttons, making it easier to get the annoying full-screen incoming call interface out of your way.

It should be noted right off the bat that LetMeDecline is only intended for when your handset is locked. If it’s unlocked and you receive a phone call, then iOS automatically displays the Decline and Answer buttons for you. It’s unfortunate from a usability standpoint, however, that ‘the world’s most advanced mobile operating system’ doesn’t do this 100% of the time.

Given the nature of LetMeDecline’s direct and to-the-point functionality, it comes as no surprise that it doesn’t come with any options to configure. Simply installing the tweak provides the software behavior you’d come to expect and uninstalling it can disable it.

If you’re interested in making your pwned iPhone into a better mobile phone, then you can download LetMeDecline for free from the Packix repository in your preferred package manager. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 11, 12, and 13 devices.

Will you be downloading LetMeDecline, or are you content with the native functionality? Discuss in the comments.