T-Mobile unveils its 5G network in the US

T-Mobile USA today announced it’s switched on its 5G network which it claims covers more than 200 million people and more than 5,000 cities and towns all across the United States.

The Deutsche Telekom-owned carrier claims it’s the biggest 5G network in the US with coverage of more than a million square miles, much of that in rural America. In addition, Metro by T-Mobile will launch America’s first nationwide prepaid 5G on December 6. It’s nice that T-Mobile isn’t forcing you into the most expensive plans — its 5G access costs the same as LTE.

5G on 600 MHz spectrum goes far beyond the limitations of the carriers’ 5G. With clear 600 MHz spectrum reserved for 5G, T-Mobile is uniquely positioned to deliver 5G that covers more people in more places. Together with Sprint, the New T-Mobile has even bigger plans to supercharge 5G, with a broad and deep network for all Americans.

The 5G-enabled OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren and Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G are available for pre-order today at t-mobile.com/devices/5g-phones and in T-Mobile stores on December 6.

Next year, the carrier will launch more than fifteen new 5G phones.

Check out T-Mobile’s zoomable 5G map at t-mobile.com/5Gmap.

Apple currently doesn’t have a 5G-capable phone, but that’s set to change next year. According to the rumor-mill and analyst reports, two of the four new iPhone models introduced in 2020 will support the faster mmWave-based 5G connections while all four models will support the slower but more widely available sub-6GHz spectrum.