Twitter delays plan to remove inactive accounts until it can memorialize users who’ve passed away

Well, that was fast. Twitter has confirmed it will be delaying its plan to remove inactive accounts.

Yesterday, Twitter announced that it would be enacting its inactive user policy, which would remove inactive accounts from the platform and free up unused usernames. However, the social network will be delaying that plan, which was set to go into effect in the beginning of December, as it tries to form a plan to memorialize users who have passed away.

Twitter’s official support account on the platform tweeted out as much today:

At the time of publication, there is no word on when the plan will go back into action. Right now, Twitter is working out a way to memorialize users who have passed away. Facebook already does this, so it makes sense that Twitter would as well. Of course, one could say that Twitter probably should have done this first, before announcing a purge of accounts that some folks who are still living might not want to see get cast aside (or, worse, passed on to someone else).

Still, better late than never.