Duet Air 2.0 turns your rusty old Mac or PC into a wireless display with remote desktop support

Duet Air

The Duet Display app that turns an iPad into a fast and customizable wireless second display for your Mac or Windows PC is bringing new features to anyone with a Duet Air subscription.

The update brings PC-to-Mac and Mac-to-PC display mirroring with remote desktop support.

“As more and more people work remotely and on the go, we are finding growing interest in Duet Air, which appeals to users who need desktop performance with a mobile device,” the company said. “Over the last year, we have invested heavily and improved our algorithms to offer the fastest wireless experience available.”

Duet Air
Turning a Mac into an extended wireless display for your PC.

With the new Duet Air 2.0 update, customers can turn a Mac or PC into a wireless second or mirrored display, which is a great way to breathe a new lease of life into your old computer. With the update, you can also connect your iOS device to a Mac or Windows PC using a remote desktop connection (the RDP protocol) from anywhere in the world, all with minimal latency.

“We are the first and only product to offer all of these features on both Mac and Windows and┬ácompletely in software,” underscored the company. They’re already planning to continue improving their remarkable graphics engine and customizability over the next year, with Android support set to arrive as soon as January 2020.

Duet Air remote access
An iPad taking control of a remote Mac via the remote desktop feature.

Created by former Apple engineers, Duet Display started out as a cool piece of software which turns your iPad tablet into an additional display for a Mac or Windows PC with touchscreen capabilities, iPad keyboard support and no lag.

A free Duet subscription only supports wired connections, with a $20 per year ($2 per month) Duet Air upgrade bringing wireless connectivity and perks like remote desktop support.

There’s also a Duet Pro upgrade, which in exchange for $30 per year ($4 per month) brings everything included in Duet Air plus additional resolution options, undo/redo and other handy shortcuts, predictive line lead, customizable pressure curves and other capabilities, some of which cannot even be found in Apple’s Sidecar feature in macOS Catalina.

Both Duet Air and Duet Pro come with a one-week free trial.

For more information, check out the official website.

Duet Display is a $9.99 download from App Store.