‘The Morning Show’ can’t tackle ‘current politics’ according to show’s boss

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Kerry Ehrin is an executive producer and writer for Apple TV+‘s The Morning Show drama series, and in light of the show’s second season renewal, Ehrin is talking about current politics and the show’s continued development.

The first season of The Morning Show deals heavily with the “#MeToo” movement and sexual misconduct in the workplace. And while some would certainly consider that a current event, the show appears to have lucked out in that regard in the sense that the movement and focus on the workplace has not died down (at least not enough to fade out completely). But it sounds like current politics are not something that Ehrin is zeroing in on for the show’s upcoming second season, simply because the development process doesn’t really make it a possibility.

Variety has some interesting comments from Ehrin on this subject, especially considering the next season of The Morning Show will probably air in November of 2020 — right in line with the latest presidential election in the United States. But Ehrin says you can’t talk about current politics due to the fact that by the time the show airs, the landscape will have changed quite a bit compared to when they were writing the episodes.

As a result, Ehrin says she works in a “current adjacent” area, basically avoiding a specific thing and instead dealing with the themes associated with it.

You can’t do current politics,” she explained, “so my idea is that if you deal with politics, you deal with political themes. I call it ‘current adjacent,’ where you’re not historically aging yourself by dealing with a specific thing, but you can take the zeitgeist of what is happening in the world and do something with those themes.

Ehrin says that the new season will air in November of next year, but the report indicates that a Season 2 premiere date hasn’t been penciled in on the calendar just yet.

Moving forward, though, Ehrin says she wants the show to continue to be a place where female viewers especially can find a point of relation with the characters.

My feeling, which I tried to put into it, is that women, especially in business who are ambitious, are very complex. It’s not like you’re just this one thing,” she said. “I really want female viewers to be able to spend time with complicated, grounded people that they relate to and see themselves in.

The Morning Show is a solid enough drama, at least through its first half of its first season, even if it does seem to tread water in both forward momentum of the story and actually trying to get a point across. Still, it has certainly found its legs compared to the first episode, and as long as it can keep up any of the goodwill it has picked up with the great performances from Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Billy Crudup, and Mark Duplass, a second season doesn’t feel completely ridiculous.