Apple nixes all vaping apps from App Store

Pax Era appApple is removing all vaping apps from the App Store on Friday, according to Axios. Apple is taking the measure after dozens of people have died from lung illness tied to vaping, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Some of the apps Apple has targeted were used to control the temperature and lighting of programmable vaping products from a variety of manufacturers, not to sell vape juice or cartridges. Others incorporated vaping-related news and information, social networking for vape users, even games.

Axios counted 181 different vaping-related apps targeted by this new ban. Apple confirmed the ban in a statement, saying that they agreed with the CDC and the American Heart Association’s assertion that the spread of vaping amounts to “public health crisis and youth epidemic,” and has thus updated App Store guidelines to nix their distribution.

Do you vape? Do you use apps on your iPhone to help? What do you think of this move – is Apple being proactive about a public health risk, or is the nanny state run amuck? Sound off in the comments.