Apple shares new videos on how to check Activity Trends, download apps with Apple Watch Series 5

From time-to-time Apple is known to publish quick how-to videos on its official YouTube channel, ranging from software, to features, to pure hardware elements on its newest devices.

And that trend continues with two new tutorial videos for the Apple Watch Series 5, the newest version of the smartwatch that launched earlier this year. Both videos are short and sweet, getting right to the point.

The first of the two is all about the Trends feature, which allows the user to quickly check out their activity metrics. Here’s Apple’s description that accompanied the how-to video:

The Trends feature lets you easily check whether the activity metrics captured by your Apple Watch are headed up or down over time, so you can stay on track or turn things around.

And here’s the video itself:

The second video is all about the new App Store that’s available on the Apple Watch, letting you download apps directly to the smartwatch.

With the App Store now available right on your wrist, you can install apps on your Apple Watch with just a few taps.

And here’s the tutorial video: