Apple Watch Series 6 will boast improved water resistance, faster performance, and more

In an effort to make people want to either buy a new Apple Watch or upgrade an older model, Apple usually features plenty of noteworthy changes to a newer model. And, sure enough, that trend will continue with the “Apple Watch Series 6”.

At least, that’s according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In a research note seen by MacRumors, the analyst says that Apple is planning on making somewhat subtle –and obvious!– changes to the next iteration of the mega-popular Apple Watch lineup. Unsurprisingly, Kuo believes that Apple will include faster performance in the new smartwatch, and that the device will also boast “improved” water resistance.

The Apple Watch Series 6 will also reportedly feature better wireless transmission, making it possible to get even faster and more stable Wi-Fi and cellular speeds from the wearable.

To make this a possibility, Kuo states that it will be Apple’s transition to liquid crystal polymer, or LCP, for the flexible circuit boards. The Apple Watch Series 5 and earlier versions of the lineup use polyimide, or PI, so this would be a noteworthy change on the supply side.

As far as when this new Apple Watch will see the light of day? Sometime in the second half of 2020.

The news that Apple will likely include a faster, even more capable S-series processor in the newest Apple Watch is not shocking in the slightest. It’s par for the course. The improved water resistance, however, is likely to be something the company will talk about on stage, depending on just how much better it actually is compared to the Apple Watch Series 5 (and even earlier models).

(If you want a rundown of water resistance with the Apple Watch, check this out.)

Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 5 launched earlier this year, so it’s also not surprising that we’re already hearing about its inevitable replacement. What would you like to see Apple change or add with the Apple Watch Series 6 next year, other than the obvious?