The best cases with a built-in screen protector for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

If you like screen protectors, but also want a full-body case at the same time, we’ve got some options for you.

We’ve put together a list of the best cases with built-in screen protectors for your new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and/or iPhone 11 Pro Max. These are full cases that will protect your phone, but also offer a built-in screen protector so you don’t have to buy one separately.

So, here we go:

Best cases with a built-in screen protector for iPhone 11 in 2019


These Temdan cases for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro max feature not only the built-in screen protector, but also a waterproof design. You’re getting a pretty rugged case to go along with the screen protector, and a relatively thin design that should make using your new iPhone comfortable on a daily basis.

With the case on, the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro can be submerged in up to 6.6 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. It’s a solid option for anyone who wants to take their phone underwater for some quick photography. The case also supports wireless charging, and the case itself only weighs 2.4oz/69g.

The top layer of the case is a TPU material, which can protect the phone from a fall of almost four feet.

Each of the cases from Temdan are available now from Amazon. They ship out this week.

Buy for $19.99 (iPhone 11)

Buy for $19.99 (iPhone 11 Pro)

Buy for $16.99 (iPhone 11 Pro Max)


The SUPCASE Beetle Pro series is designed to offer a rugged case with the built-in screen protector. It even features a dedicated rotating belt holster and a kickstand for good measure. So basically it’s got it all — even multiple color options.

It has a multilayered TPU and polycarbonate design, making it a bit rugged, and offers drop protection as well. The screen protector will prevent scratches, but will not impact touch responsiveness or sensitivity. The case has precise cutouts for the ports and other important external functions. It supports wireless charging as well.

The color options include: Black, Blue, Metallic Purple, and Metallic Red. Prices vary from one case to the next, but each are available to buy now.

Buy for $19.99 (iPhone 11)

Buy for $19.54 (iPhone 11 Pro)

Buy for $23.99 (iPhone 11 Pro Max)


Another full-body case designed to keep your phone protected, which also includes the screen protector. The back is also clear so you can see the natural color of your iPhone. It also supports wireless charging as well.

The full body protection comes from the premium hybrid hard polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane materials, making it scratch resistant and shockproof. The case supports wireless charging, and has raised edges to protect the display and cameras.

The reviews are mostly positive, with many praising the quality of the case, how durable it is, and how well it fits their new iPhone. Others praise the fact that the case is not bulky despite the protection it provides.

The Miracase option is available right now from Amazon, ready to ship this week.

Buy for $13.99 (iPhone 11)

Buy for $14.99 (iPhone 11 Pro)

Buy for $15.99 (iPhone 11 Pro Max)


This rugged case from SPIDERCASE has the requisite built-in screen protector, but it has also been drop-tested to surpass the MIL-GRADE requirements. It has a two-layer structure with raised edges and a shockproof design. The cutouts provided full access to the buttons and Lightning port.

The SPIDERCASE is easy to disassemble and reassemble if you need to remove the case and ultimately put it back on. It’s not bulky and has textured sides to help with grip for everyday use. The company also offers a 12-month warranty.

It offers the full protection you’d expect, and supports wireless charging for good measure.

As far as pros and cons go, many reviewers are pleased with the case overall. Many praise the full body protection of the case, the scratch resistance of the screen protector, and how lightweight the case is. On the other side of the coin, some reviews suggested the buttons could be a bit tough to press at first.

It’s available to buy right now if you’re so inclined.

Buy for $17.99 (iPhone 11)

Buy for $15.66 (iPhone 11 Pro)

Buy for $19.99 (iPhone 11 Pro Max)


Finally, we have the full-body case with a built-in screen protector from i-Blason, part of its Ares lineup. It offers the TPU and polycarbonate materials to provide a reasonable amount of protection. It has a clear back so you can see the color of your phone, multiple color options for the case itself, and elevated bezels to protect the display and cameras.

The case can protect against drops, and can help keep dust and dirt away from the phone.

As far as color options go, the Ares case from i-Blason is available now in Black, Blue, Purple, and Green, depending on your case selection.

Buy for $24.99 (iPhone 11)

Buy for $19.99 (iPhone 11 Pro)

Buy for $19.99 (iPhone 11 Pro Max)

So, there’s a quick roundup of cases with a built-in screen protector for your new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max. If you have any other recommendations, let us know in the comments!