Apple Watch Series 5: worth an upgrade?

Apple Watch Series 5 is an evolution of the major redesign of the popular wearable device we got with last year’s Series 4 refresh. Although a couple of light improvements in Series 5 may not warrant an upgrade for those who happen to own one of the previous models, they’re certainly enough to keep Apple Watch as the best smartwatch currently available.

The most important new feature of Apple Watch Series 5 is its always-on display that at long last makes it possible to glance at time without having to flip your wrist or tap the display. This is especially useful when you’re in a meeting or performing a workout like riding a bicycle.

The enhanced always-on display and other changes in the new Series 5 model weren’t enough to impress our own Harris Craycraft, who comes from the previous Series 4 watch, and he explains why in the hands-on video walkthrough I’ve embedded right below.

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While it looks exactly like Series 4, a couple tweaks set Series 5 apart from the older models, including new case materials such as titanium (and a return of the ceramic option) plus a brand new compass sensor which also happens to improve navigation and directions in Maps.

Other notable changes in Apple Watch Series 5 include international LTE bands and double the internal storage (32GB), which certainly helps with multitasking and installing apps that don’t require a paired iPhone through the new dedicated App Store in the watchOS 6 software.

Should you upgrade to Series 5?

That’s a tough one.

Basically, if you own a Series 4 and don’t fell like an always-on display is a must-have, then save your money and skip this generation until a future model brings more substantial updates.

For everyone else, especially wearers of the Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatch or one of the older models, the new Apple Watch Series 5 is a no-brainer and a must-have upgrade.

Would you agree with that assessment?

Let us know by chiming in with your thoughts in the comments down below.