The best fabric cases for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

If you prefer a case that has a bit of fabric or cloth on it, we’ve got you covered in this latest roundup.

We have put together a list of some of the best options for a case with fabric or cloth on it, all of which are available for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max right now. As usual, prices vary, as will the design of the case, but if you prefer this case style there will hopefully be an option for you below.

Best cloth cases for iPhone 11 in 2019


This fabric case from BIGPHILO uses the fabric for the top half of the case, and switches to PU leather on the bottom half. It also works as a card holder as well, with the company saying the case can hold up to three ID-sized cards at the same time, and some cash.

The case itself does feature the PU leather bottom, and the soft fabric top, but there is also a soft fabric interior as well, meant to help keep the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro safe while the case is installed. The case also features raised edges on the back to protect the rear cameras, and around the display as well.

The exterior buttons are aluminum and easy to use, while there is access to the Lightning port on the bottom, and no blockage of the speakers. The thin profile of the case also supports wireless charging.

There are three color options: Black/Black, Brown/Brown, and Grey/Brown. All three cases are available to ship immediately.

Buy for $15.98 (iPhone 11)

Buy for $15.98 (iPhone 11 Pro)

Buy for $15.98 (iPhone 11 Pro Max)


This canvas cloth case from Mofi offers plenty of coverage for the back and sides of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. It offers TPU bumpers to make the case shockproof, helping to protect the phone against drops. The case itself is easy to install or remove, as it quickly snaps into place.

The case will protect the rear cameras and display as well, thanks to raised edges.

The canvas cloth case from Mofi is available now in three different color options: Black, Gray, Black + Blue.

Buy for $14.99 (iPhone 11)

Buy for $14.99 (iPhone 11 Pro)

Buy for $14.99 (iPhone 11 Pro Max)


The Evutec case features a fabric design on the majority of the back, with a section at the bottom made from genuine leather to spruce up the design. The fabric itself is scratch-resistant, and the case features an anti-slip design thanks to the soft fabric.

Evutec says the case is military-grade tested for drop protection, boasting TPU bumpers, but won’t provide any significant bulk to the phone itself. It also supports wireless charging. What’s most interesting about this case from Evutec is the fact that it has metal plating installed within the case, which can be used in conjunction with a magnetic vent mount for easy in-car, hands-free usage.

The magnetic vent mount is also included with the case.

The Event fabric case is available now.

Buy for $39.99 (iPhone 11)

Buy for $39.99 (iPhone 11 Pro)

Buy for $39.99 (iPhone 11 Pro Max)


The cloth/leather case from SQMCase is built specifically for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and will fit snugly with Apple’s biggest phone. The exterior of the case features high-grade cloth on the top, and high-grade leather on the bottom. It’s durable, while being scratch-resistant, and SQMCase says a damp rag can wipe off “almost any stain” that might settle in.

The case itself is thin and lightweight, keeping the overall bulk down while providing a full-body protection. Raised edges will keep the rear cameras and the display safe for daily usage. The case offers unrestricted access to the Lightning port, and precise cutouts for easy access to the buttons as well.

SQMCase’s case also offers a card holder, which can hold one ID-sized card.

It’s available to buy right now.

Buy for $10.89 (iPhone 11 Pro Max)


This fabric case from kwmobile keeps things simple and straightforward, offering up plenty of protection for the back of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, as well as the sides. The entire case is made from a TPU design, which is covered by the fabric. It’s a durable, lightweight design, making sure not too add too much bulk to the phone itself.

The precise cutouts leave access to buttons and ports, and won’t impede the speakers, either. Raised edges protect the cameras and display for daily use.

You can buy kwmobile’s fabric case for the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro right now.

Buy for $8.99 (iPhone 11)

Buy for $8.99 (iPhone 11 Pro)

Buy for $9.99 (iPhone 11 Pro Max)


This case from Dockem features a premium canvas style, with a synthetic leather accent on the bottom of the case. The case features a “UltraGrip” twill design, which should make the case comfortable to hold and prevent it from slipping out of your grasp unexpectedly. It’s thin and lightweight, too.

It features a card holder section near the bottom of the case which can hold two ID-sized cards. This case also features a built-in metal plate that can work with magnetic in-car mounts, making it quick and easy to switch to a hands-free use case. This case also supports wireless charging.

The Dockem canvas case is available in multiple colors: Black and Grey, Blue and Grey, Maroon and Grey, and Green and Grey. The case is available now for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Buy for $14.99 (iPhone 11)

Buy for $14.99 (iPhone 11 Pro)

Buy for $14.99 (iPhone 11 Pro Max)


The Lopie case features a unique design in that it’s made from a “skin-friendly Sea Island cotton fabric”. There is a genuine leather card slot as well, which can hold a couple of ID-sized cards at the same time. The interior of the case is designed from polycarbonate to help resist breaking from any drops.

Precision cutouts make it easy to use the buttons, and the case won’t block the speakers or restrict access to the Lightning port. It has raised edges to protect the rear cameras and display.

There are various color options, but some are only available for certain models. The iPhone 11 is available in Light Brown, while the iPhone 11 Pro is available in Black, Blue, Brown, Coffee, Dark Brown, and Light Brown. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is available in Brown and Light Brown.

Each case is available right now.

Buy for $18.99 (iPhone 11)

Buy for $18.99 (iPhone 11 Pro)

Buy for $18.99 (iPhone 11 Pro Max)

These are a few different options if you’re looking for a fabric or cloth case for your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max. If you have any other recommendations, let us know in the comments!