The Libra keyboard gives your iPad Pro a ‘MacBook-like experience’ with a trackpad

The iPad Pro is a powerful tablet in its own right, and can get even more productive when it’s paired with a keyboard. Which is where the Libra keyboard can be of some help.

The Libra keyboard takes things a step further than most Bluetooth-equipped keyboard accessories out there by adding a dedicated trackpad. This is possible, and actually worthwhile, thanks to the fact that Apple’s incoming iPadOS update will bring mouse support to the iPad lineup. If you’ve been hoping for a keyboard accessory like this, then the Libra might be worth a look.

At the time of publication, the Libra keyboard, which uses Bluetooth to connect to the iPad Pro rather than the Smart Connector, has 178 backers that have pledged a total of $19,850 on Kickstarter. But that number has been steadily climbing. So much so, in fact, that the team behind the Libra keyboard was asking for $10,000 in its goal.

Recently, Apple created an entirely separate operating system: “iPad OS” for iPad which allows it to operate more like a MacBook. One of the great features of iPad OS is mouse support, which greatly boosts the iPad’s productivity potential when used with an external keyboard…

So we created Libra, a Bluetooth keyboard with trackpad, backlighting, and function keys to provide a user experience like a MacBook, without sacrificing the advantages of a tablet. Libra maximizes your iPad productivity while at home or on-the-go. Libra is compatible with iPad Pro 11″ and 12.9″(2018).

The Libra keyboard’s primary selling point is that built-in trackpad. However, it also has a lot of other features. That includes a 4000mAh battery, 0 to 120-degree viewing angles, scissor-switch keys, and three-level adjustable backlit keys. It has an aluminum housing, which can snap into place around the iPad Pro pretty quickly and easily.

When connected to the iPad Pro, the Libra keyboard makes the whole package look a lot like a MacBook. What’s more, the keyboard also offers a dedicated row of function keys: Home, Search, Copy, Play/Pause, Volume, Brightness, Languages, Paste, Mute, and Lock.

There is a magnetic cover for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, giving it a bit of protection. Meanwhile, for the 11-inch iPad Pro, the Libra keyboard accessory has a special case:

We provide a special case for 11-inch iPad Pro only and make the iPad Pro perfectly fit the Libra keyboard. It can fully cover your iPad Pro and protect it from crashing. Four colors of the case are available: space gray, red, green and blue.

The aforementioned 4000mAh battery can keep the Libra keyboard working for 200 days between charges. It can also charge the iPad Pro itself, too, thanks to the USB-C port on the keyboard. Just connect the two with a USB-C cable and you can give the iPad Pro some more juice.

The Libra keyboard will cost $89 when it finally goes on sale. There are 44 days left in the Kickstarter campaign.

What do you think of the Libra? Think you’ll back it on Kickstarter, or will you wait to see if it has a successful launch in the (hopefully near) future?