Apple drops the price of the 1TB iPad Pro down $200 in the U.S.

While there was some speculation that Apple could unveil a new iPad Pro at its “by innovation only” event yesterday, that didn’t end up happening. Apple is making a change to the lineup, though.

As was first noticed by MacRumors, Apple has actually dropped the price of the 1TB iPad Pro variant, both in the 11- and 12.9-inch models. Based on the original report, it looks like the price drop is available for customers in the United States only.

The price drop for both models means that the 11-inch iPad Pro now starts at $1,349. The 12.9-inch model now starts at $1,549. That is indeed a savings of $200. However, it’s worth noting here that the $200 savings is only available for the 1TB model. So don’t expect to see a price drop on the 64GB, 256GB, or 512GB options.

Whether or not this is a sign of something to come, as far as a brand new iPad Pro model is concerned, remains to be seen. There is still speculation that Apple will announce a new model before the end of the year.

If you own an iPad Pro already, are you happy with the device? Will you be buying a new 1TB iPad Pro now that the price has dropped?