Skype for iPhone, iPad and Mac gains message drafts, split screen, bookmarking & more

Microsoft yesterday announced a major update to the Skype apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac that has brought out message drafts, split screen, bookmarks, a new way to share media, as well as other messaging improvements to your mobile and desktop devices.

Message drafts

Similar to email, Skype will not automatically save any messages you typed out and applies the Draft tag to them. And because Skype content is in sync across all your devices, you can finish and send a drafted message at any time, from any device using Skype.


You can now bookmark messages you wish to revisit later.

Skype explains:

You can now bookmark any message in Skype—whether it’s work related or family photos—and come back to it with one click or tap anytime! Just right click or long press the message and click or tap Add bookmark. The message is added to the Bookmarks screen and is saved with your other bookmarked messages.

Preview media and files before sending

Skype finally allows you to preview media and files you’ve selected to share before sending, saving you from cases when you might accidentally send your naked pic to your boss. “Once you select media and files to share, they’re displayed in the message panel, so you can ensure they’re the ones you want to share with your contact,” notes the company.

From there, you can remove items you don’t want to share or add new ones easily (now you can also write an accompanying description for shared files). Plus, Skype now presents shared media in your chat history as an album with all the photos and videos combined.

Split view

A few months ago, Microsoft tested split-window functionality with Windows 10 users, and now this productivity booster is available for all versions of Windows, Mac and Linux on the latest version of Skype. To use the split-window view, which lets you put your contact list in one window and each conversation you open in separate windows, select the three-dotted More button and choose Enable Split View Mode from a popup menu.

Split window is currently limited to Skype’s desktop apps.

Download Skype for iPhone and Skype for iPad from App Store.

Skype for Mac is a direct download from the Skype website.