iPhone 11 rumored to use same OLED display tech as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10

Samsung is the leading presence when it comes to OLED displays in smartphones, and it sounds like Apple will continue to use the company’s know-how to develop this year’s iPhone displays.

According to a new industry report out of South Korea this week (via 9to5Mac), Apple is going to tap Samsung yet again to handle OLED display supplies for the 2019 iPhone lineup. The report indicates that the same OLED technology that’s already present in the Galaxy S10 launched earlier this year, and the Galaxy Note 10 which Samsung just announced earlier this month.

The change here is that while Apple typically used its own distinct set of materials for the iPhone X and iPhone XS (and XS Max), this year won’t be that way. Instead, the oft-rumored iPhone 11 Pro (and iPhone 11 Pro Max) will utilized the same displays that are present in Samsung’s flagship phones.

Which, incidentally, is good news, because the Galaxy Note 10+ just received the highest A+ rating from DisplayMate this week. So the display is pretty nice!

Apple has its own set of standards for the individual pieces that go into its phones, even if they are manufactured by other companies. And that has been the case for the displays, too. But it sounds like Samsung may have reached that goal on its own, and therefore Apple won’t have to set its own rules for the materials used. Instead, Apple will reportedly be just using Samsung’s pieces and full display tech across the board.

Of course, if this is indeed the case, it will only be for the two high-end models of the future iPhone family. The iPhone XR’s successor, which could take on the name “iPhone 11”, will more than likely won’t feature an OLED display.

We will probably learn more about the display technology in the iPhone 11 lineup on Tuesday, September 10.

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