Analyst suspects Goldman Sachs and Apple could launch a debit card next

In a new report outlining Goldman Sachs‘ sensitivity to a potential recession, an analyst suggests the giant banking entity could team up with Apple for another card in the future.

CNBC has the report this week, outlining a new report from a Nomura analysts led by analyst Bill Carcache. According to the analysts, Goldman Sachs could see a major shift in a potential recession at some point in the future, with the banking entity “highly sensitive” to rising net charge offs.

Couple that with thin margins on the Apple Card, the brand new credit card from Apple, the bank could start to lose money if “losses reach about 8%”. The analysis suggests that Goldman Sachs pays upwards of $350 for each new Apple Card customer. That means the bank would only begin to break even on a customer after four years.

The problem is, the U.S. economy might stall before that. A widely-watched bond market metric is flashing a recessionwarning amid a global economic slowdown, and bank stocks were hammered Wednesday on the prospect of rising loan losses and tighter profit margins. Recessions typically occur an average of 22 months after the yield curve inverts, according to Credit Suisse.

The full report has plenty to offer when it comes to the financial side, as far as expectations are concerned, for Goldman Sachs and the Apple Card.

But one of the more interesting elements is what’s added at the end: Goldman Sachs and Apple could team up for yet another card at some point in the future: a debit card. The report indicates that debit cards generated around $15 billion in revenues for other banks, so it seems like a worthwhile endeavor for Goldman Sachs.

The tech giant and Goldman might offer a debit card next, the analyst wrote. The bank could do that because customers will likely pay off their Apple Card balances via bank accounts, meaning Goldman will have users’ account and routing numbers stored. Debit cards generated $15 billion in revenues for banks last year.

But, nothing is official or even suggested by Apple or Goldman Sachs at this point. But with profits that high, and with quite a few people signing up for the Apple Card already, a debit card with the Apple (and Goldman Sachs) logo on it could be a big win, too.

What do you think of the analysts’ thoughts? Would you get an Apple-branded debit card?