Foxconn hiring additional staff ahead of 2019 iPhone production

A new report states that the 2019 iPhone lineup is about to go into mass production, and, like clockwork, one of Apple’s primary supply partners is ramping up the hiring process.

Economic Daily News has the report this week, stating that Foxconn is ramping up new hires ahead of the production of this year’s iPhone lineup. This is par for the course for Foxconn, as it did the same thing in years prior. That’s as far as new hires are concerned. This latest report suggests Foxconn is tryin to hold onto older employees at the same time, offering up new incentives.

For previous employees, Foxconn is reportedly offering around $675 to each in an effort to keep them around for the next manufacturing season. Foxconn is reportedly saddling the manufacturing duties for the two high-end iPhone models this year, which would be the successors to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Foxconn wouldn’t comment on the story itself, so the company isn’t confirming whether or not the boost in hiring, and incentives to existing employees has anything to do with new iPhones. But that isn’t surprising, as it’s not going to be Foxconn that confirms new iPhones are coming down the pipe.

Apple is still expected to announce the new iPhones in the early stages of September of this year.

This is all standard operating procedure, so nothing too surprising. Apple’s other suppliers are likely doing the same thing, but Foxconn is the biggest in this regard so it makes sense that people would be paying attention to boosts in new hires and incentives for existing employees.

Are you planning on upgrading to a 2019 iPhone?