NBCUniversal will launch its still-unnamed streaming service in April 2020

As major players continue gearing up for the Great Streaming War that has been looming on the horizon, Comcast and NBCUniversal executives announced during today’s earnings call that heir still-unnamed streaming service will be arriving in April of next year.

“We believe we have a very innovative way of coming to the market that is very different than anything else and has very attractive financial aspects,” CEO Steve Burke tool investors. The offering will be built on a similar platform to Sky’s UK-based Now TV streaming service.

The Verge has more:

Comcast didn’t announce too many specifics about the kinds of content we can expect from the streaming service, but we know that it will play host to The Office after NBC’s existing deal with Netflix expires at the end of 2020. However, Comcast admitted that the ‘vast majority’ of content viewed on the platform is initially likely to be acquired from outside the company. The platform is also likely to host content from Sky Studios, which Comcast purchased last year as part of its acquisition of Sky.

Over 500 people are working on the platform.

Following the initial launch, the service will pick up the popular series “The Office” that’ll get pulled from rival Netflix as NBC continues building out its own library of exclusive content.

The entertainment sector’s been undergoing some major merger and acquisitions, resulting in new players with vast libraries of content waiting to be leveraged by their own streaming video services. Disney, which now has full control of Hulu via a deal with Comcast, will launch its low-priced Disney+ service by the end of the year.

US carrier AT&T’s WarnerMedia will launch its streaming video service in beta, priced at between $16 and $17 a month. Initially, that service will bundle content from HBO, Cinemax and Warner Bros’s library of movies and television shows.

Thanks to a report from CNBC, we know the service will be called HBO Max and provide access to a variety of content from a handful of big-named networks, including the popular “Friends” sitcom. There’s no word on pricing just yet, but we do know it will launch in the spring of 2020.

Apple’s own original video service is launching this fall.