Apple rumored to launch Apple Watch with microLED display in 2020

According to a new report, Apple is going to shift away from an OLED panel in the Apple Watch as early as 2020.

The Economic Daily News is reporting this week that Apple is currently in ongoing conversations with display manufacturers in Taiwan to supply microLED panels for the Apple Watch beginning in 2020. Right now, Apple uses an OLED panel that’s manufactured by LG, so this would be a big shift for the company if this report pans out.

As a quick refresher: microLED changes the technology behind the display panel in an effort to reduce power consumption, make the display brighter, and make it possible for devices to get even thinner.

At this point, Apple’s switch to microLED has been rumored off-and-on for years now. There have been rumors in the past that Apple is planning on adopting microLED displays in the Apple Watch first, with a few years passing before the same technology gets put into the larger iPhone displays.

However, nothing is confirmed just yet. If this latest report does turn out to be true, then we should start to hear more about microLED technology in the months ahead, long before Apple gets around to officially announcing anything in late 2020.

What do you think of this rumored change? The OLED panel on the Apple Watch is already pretty fantastic, but the benefits that microLED offers could be too good for Apple to pass up. Would you prefer it if the company stuck with OLED displays?