Twelve South launches HiRise Wireless desktop charger with a portable charging pad

Twelve South launches the HiRise Wireless Charger

Twelve South is one of the most popular companies making accessories for Apple products of all kinds, and now the company has yet another wireless charging option.

The HiRise Wireless charger is a 3-way wireless charger that boasts an all-in-one package. It starts with a sturdy stand, which is made of metal and features a chrome finish. As is par for the course, the HiRise Wireless Charger supports Qi-enabled smartphones (and other devices), which means it goes beyond just the iPhone.

Going beyond the charging stand, though, owners will also be able to use it as a desktop charger, so they can set their phone down on the charger to dash, or even charge the latest generation Apple AirPods with the wireless charging case.

But the big trick for the new HiRise Wireless Charger is the ability to remove the Power Disc, which means you can actually take it with you to wirelessly charge your devices on the go.

Here are the major bullet points:

  • Elegant chrome and leather stand holds phone upright and visible on your desk
  • HiRise Wireless transforms to a desktop charger for the latest AirPods
  • Remove Power Disc to create a portable wireless charging pad for travel
  • Fast wireless charging up to 10-watts, even through most phone cases 
  • Includes a 1.5-meter USB-C to USB-A removable power cable
  • Works with Qi wireless charging phones, including iPhone, Galaxy, and more

The new HiRise Wireless Charger is priced at $79.99 directly from Twelve South’s website. It is also available at the same price from Amazon. There is free shipping for orders made in the U.S., and if you pay $95 or more on your order you can get free two-day shipping.

So what do you think of the new HiRise Wireless Charger? Have you picked up any other Twelve South products before? Do you already use a wireless charger on a daily basis?