Learn new languages with a lifetime subscription to Mondly

Learning a new language can be hard work, especially when you do it the traditional way. Classes either move too slow or too fast, and you rarely get the individual attention and feedback that language acquisition requires. The old way of practicing involves rote memorization and tedious hours spent with a textbook. There’s a reason why so many people took two years of French in college but can’t even ask where the bathroom is.

Mondly is a better way to learn. It’s a language learning platform available on the web as well as iOS and Android devices. Mondly allows users to learn new languages at their own pace, progressing naturally in line with their own individual learning speed. It uses speech recognition technology to listen to your words and phrases and give helpful feedback so that you can enunciate clearly and be understood even as a new speaker of the language.

The lessons are fun, interactive, and short to encourage vocabulary retention and easy access. The Mondly app also features an innovative new Augmented Reality component, bringing language lessons to life right into your living room. MondlyAR creates a virtual classroom experience for you to interact with animals, planets, and other creations in your own environment. Throughout the lessons, the virtual teacher will carry on a conversation with you and offer instant feedback on pronunciation.

Mondly features 33 languages including Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, German, French, Hebrew, Russian and more. A lifetime subscription for this language learning platform normally costs $1,199.75 but with a special price drop, you can get a lifetime subscription for just $59.49 today.

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