macOS 10.15 may be called Mammoth

Icons representing potential names for the next version of macOS

Apple has used a variety of names to help spruce up its desktop operating system’s naming scheme over the years. We’ve seen animals like Snow Leopard in the past, but, more recently, Apple has stuck to natural landscapes located in California. The last release, macOS Mojave, followed right along with that idea, and we may see it continue this year.

MacRumors has a look at just some of the potential options that Apple could use with its next major version of macOS. The report is based on an initial outlook of trademark names that Apple gobbled up years ago. The California-related names have started to dwindle down now, reduced from the original 19 to just a handful.

Apple’s initial move back in 2013 made sure to protect 19 different names under six different company names that appear to be shell companies of Apple. Some haven’t been used, while others, including Mojave, Yosemite, and Sierra, have been.

Over the years, the trademark review process has played out for all of these applications, with most being subject to some form of back-and-forth between the applicants and examiners involving various approvals, denials, and suspensions. Even for approvals, however, owners are required to submit proof of the trademarks being used in commerce. This Statement of Use can be submitted up to 36 months after trademark approval, as long as the applicant regularly requests successive 6-month extensions to the original 6-month submission period.

The names that Apple hasn’t used, many of the remaining options have been abandoned altogether. However, there are four options that are currently live: Mammoth, Rincon, Monterey, and Skyline. Each of these options are equally possible, but it looks like Mammoth has a pretty good shot at being the next name for macOS.

Mammoth's trademark document, hinting at a potential macOS name

According to the original report, the trademark application for Mammoth was just renewed earlier this month. Over the years since the initial application, this particular trademark has seen delays and even a suspension. However, it’s now active again, thanks to the company Yosemite Research LLC. This current application was approved on May 7, following no opposition to the filing back in March of this year.

Mammoth would make sense, as it probably has ties to Mammoth Mountain and Mammoth Lake, popular destinations for outdoor activities in California. That would certainly line up with the previous macOS names that Apple has gone with in years past, celebrating California as a whole.

Monterey, another option, is a historic town on the Pacific coast, while Rincon is a popular area amongst surfers in Southern California. And, finally, Skyline could be related to the Skyline Boulevard which follows the ridge of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Any one of these options could be a solid pick for Apple, so it’s not easy to pick any one option right now.

We don’t have long to wait before we find out. Apple is kicking off this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, June 3. That’s where we will see the keynote, where Apple executives and others will announce the new platforms and new features.

Speaking of features for the upcoming macOS 10.15, we’ve heard in the past that the platform will have more options for authentication with the Apple Watch, beyond just unlocking a computer. In addition, Screen Time, Shortcuts, and more features could be coming to the next major version of macOS as well.

So, Mammoth seems like a solid choice! But, what do you think? If you don’t like any of these four options, what do you think Apple should go with for the next macOS name?