Electra Team releases Chimera v1.0.7 with a faster jailbreak process

Chimera jailbreak users are in for a treat this morning, as the CoolStar-led Electra Team has just released an updated version of the iOS 12.0-12.1.2-centric Chimera jailbreak tool with significant speed improvements to the jailbreak process.

The Electra Team shared the news of the updated Chimera jailbreak tool early this morning via Twitter, noting that version 1.0.7 was now the latest release:

According to the announcement, Chimera version 1.0.7 encompasses the following changes:

Chimera v1.0.7

– Makes jailbreaking significantly faster

From what we can gather, the new jailbreak speed improvements slash the time required to achieve a jailbreak from 12 seconds to a mere 4 seconds (while using the mach_swap2 exploit). As you might come to expect, this process is probably dependent on the device you’re jailbreaking, as older handsets will probably achieve the jailbreak more slowly than newer ones.

If you’re currently using Chimera version 1.0.6, then there’s no real reason to upgrade to version 1.0.7 at this point in time since this update doesn’t contain any bug fixes — only speed improvements for the jailbreak process itself. On the other hand, Chimera users should still download the latest version of the jailbreak tool on their computer to ensure they run the latest version of the jailbreak upon next reboot.

As always, the latest version of the Chimera jailbreak tool can be had from the official Chimera jailbreak website. Upon downloading the IPA file, you can follow this tutorial to side-load the app and deploy the jailbreak on a compatible handset.

Did you see any speed improvements to the jailbreak process after downloading Chimera version 1.0.7? Share in the comments section below!