Review: never lose track of your subscriptions again with Bobby for iPhone

I bet you don’t quite know how much you’re spending in total on your recurring subscriptions, be it your iCloud storage upgrade, an Apple Music or Spotify membership, video-streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime or your rent. God knows to which rarely-used services your hard-earned cash is going every single month. Bobby does, that’s who!

Bobby is a simple, effective and extremely useful iPhone app written by a studio in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The software was created to help people tame their spending habits and avoid burning more money than necessary on various subscriptions.

Knowing where your money gets spent every single month can be liberating.

It supports 260+ subscription services and has a customizable interface with a dark theme option. A currency breakdown feature helps you keep track of any foreign-currency subscriptions you may have. As a flexible app not limited to digital subscriptions, Bobby can also be used for tracking spending on things like your rent or gym membership.

Bobby features a great-looking app icon!

You can even create your own custom subscriptions and enter all contract details to get the most out of the app. This is, of course, optional — you can leave those details blank and limit Bobby to calculating your total monthly subscription payment for you.

Watch the video below showing Bobby in action.

Bobby supports arbitrary payment cycles, too. For automatically-renewing subscriptions, you can add a same-day reminder option. The ability to get notified when a bill is due is indispensable for things like trial subscriptions that automatically charge your credit card once the trial period has expired, as well as for avoiding those pesky late payment fees.

Popular subscription prices are automatically entered when adding a new subscription, like Netflix, for instance. You can easily view a breakdown of how much you’re paying during certain time periods, which will probably be an eye-opener to some.

Bobby supports Light and Dark themes

Bobby makes it simple to rearrange subscriptions by dragging and dropping them in the order you like, as well as to keep them safely secured by locking the app with Face ID, Touch ID or a passcode. Other noteworthy features of Bobby include choosing between several Home screen icon designs, theming, adjusting the app’s font to your liking and more.

For more information, visit the official website.

Bobby is a free download from App Store.