Pwn20wnd says major unc0ver update will be released “within a few days”

It’s been approximately one month since hacker and unc0ver lead developer Pwn20wnd released unc0ver v3.0.1 to the general public, and there’ve been no subsequent updates to the jailbreak tool since. But that’s all about to change.

As we reported just last week, Pwn20wnd is planning to release a substantial update for unc0ver with a plethora of bug fixes and stability improvements. At the time, we knew very little about the upcoming update; but Pwn20wnd has been somewhat vocal as of late regarding what we can expect:

Citing a series of Tweets shared by Pwn20wnd in the past week, we can expect the next version of unc0ver to encompass each of the following changes:

  • Make resprings instantaneous
  • Make uicache instantaneous
  • Fix all known iOS 12-centric stability problems
  • Include the brand-new Unrestrict
  • Add migration support for other jailbreaks
  • Fix the broken versions of RBS and hid-support
  • Resolve an iMessage audio crash
  • Fix jailbreak apps appearing on the Home screen after using rootfs restore
  • Resolve all known reliability issues with jailbreak tweak loading on iOS 12
  • Fix stability issues in the Camera app
  • And more…

Pwn20wnd has been taking his time to ensure a stable jailbreak experience for all. In one of his Tweets, he reveals that he’s been testing and validating the upcoming version of unc0ver on all versions of iOS from 11.0-12.1.2.

As of this afternoon, however, Pwn20wnd shared that the final touches have been added to the new unc0ver and that it’s currently undergoing internal testing. The latest ETA for its release is “within a few days,” assuming nothing comes up during testing:

Unc0ver is the only mainstream jailbreak with native support for Cydia at the time of this writing, and while it doesn’t have full A12(X) support just yet due to Saurik’s inability to update Cydia Substrate for those handsets, Pwn20wnd will be adding A12(X) support by way of Substitute in the future.

In the meantime, unc0ver v3.0.1 is the latest version of the unc0ver jailbreak tool available. If you need it, then it can be downloaded from Pwn20wnd’s official Github page.

If you’re excited about the upcoming unc0ver update, then stay tuned. We’ll be sure to keep you apprised as we learn more about its progress and release.

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