This portable charger is a must-have for any emergency situation

SOScharger Pocket Charger

Forget about not being able to login to Instagram and Facebook, our phones are our main point of communication in emergency situations, and losing a charge can be dangerous. Most portable phone chargers power off of an internal battery, but that internal battery dies after a while and has to be recharged via a wall unit. Now, what if there was a phone charger that could be powered, limitlessly on its own?

Enter the SOScharger. In addition to its high-powered internal battery that can charge a phone up to 150%, it features an onboard charge-creating handle that you can turn to easily generate unlimited additional power. It’s like rolling up the window to a chic vintage car.

The SOScharger has a universal USB port, making it compatible with nearly all phones from Apple to Android and Samsung to Nokia. This device is perfect to keep on-hand for adventures or long days, because if you can avoid an isolated situation, why not?

Right now, you can get the SOScharger on sale for only $29.99, saving nearly 50% off the usual price.

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