Evidence of rumored wire-free Powerbeats spotted in iOS 12.2

Evidence has been discovered in the just-released iOS 12.2 software update that seems to confirm rumors of an impending launch of new wire-free Powerbeats. 9to5Mac’s Guilherme Rambo spotted images and animations hidden within the update that appear to be wire-free Powerbeats headphones, sitting in a charging case.

Today’s release of iOS 12.2 includes imagery of the new headphones, which we now know will be called Powerbeats Pro.

Hidden in iOS 12.2 are animations and images that showcase Powerbeats without any sort of connecting wire. In terms of design, they’re nearly identical to Powerbeats3, but truly wireless much like AirPods. The glyphs show Powerbeats Pro in black and white color variations.

Furthermore, iOS 12.2 includes an image of the Powerbeats Pro charging case. This case looks similar to the AirPods case, and will theoretically charge your Powerbeats Pro buds when not in use.

Apple is expected to call the new headphones ‘Powerbeats Pro,’ and according to a CNET article last week, they will feature the same H1 chip as the second-gen AirPods. That means they should see enhanced connectivity, support for the always-on ‘Hey Siri’ voice commands, and possibly better battery life.

The new Powerbeats could launch as soon as next month, and if Apple stays with their previous pricing strategy, they should be priced right around the $200 mark.

Source: 9to5Mac