Check out these $590 AirPods in black or red from Russia’s luxury iPhone company Caviar

AirPods come in white only and the next version could add a black color option but how about a custom-painted pair of AirPods in red/burgundy (or black) sporting luxurious gold accents?

Russian firm Caviar has created a name for itself with expensive replacement casings for Apple’s iPhone models like the $4,200 solar-powered, gold-plated iPhone X.

And now, it has taken Apple’s standard AirPods and applied some exquisite recoloring job to not just the earbuds themselves but the AirPods charging case as well. Caviar’s custom-painted AirPods retail for $590, a $430 premium over Apple’s asking price ($159)

In terms of functionality, these are your standard AirPods.

What Caviar has done is simply re-color the earbuds and put the gold-plated Caviar logo on the earbuds, as well as on the front of the AirPods charging case.

iDownloadBlog recently took a closer look at Caviar’s solar-powered iPhone X with details in real gold that’ll make you the envy of the neighborhood. Check out our video right below.

Want a slightly different look for your AirPods charging case?

No problem, a version with the case sheathed in carbon fiber is available in exchange for $720. It would’ve been even better if you could replace the Caviar logo with any logo of your own choosing (for example, to boost your personal branding), especially at that price!

The re-colored AirPods can be purchased from the Caviar website.

How do you feel about such expensive modifications?

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