Anker’s MFi-certified Lighting to USB-C cables arriving February 20, pre-orders now live

Accessory maker Anker today opened pre-orders for the industry’s very first officially sanctioned Lighting to USB-C cables ahead of their launch later this month.

The PowerLine II USB-C cables are available in three and six-foot varieties in a range of colors. The three-foot version cost $16 versus $19 for Apple’s own cable.

Pricing for the other cable is yet to be determined.

Per The Verge, both cables support the industry-standard USB Power Delivery protocol which permits devices to negotiate power requirements. As a result, Anker’s cables let you fast charge your iPhone 8 and later or iPad provided you’re using a 15+W USB-C wall charger.

Apple used to be the sole maker of Lightning to USB-C cables.

As of recently, vendors in the Made for iOS (MFi) program are allowed to build and sell their own cables, giving people more choice. And more choice is a good thing, especially considering that Apple’s cables are overpriced and not exactly know for great build quality.

Anker’s cables are advertised as having a lifespan of 12,000 bends and they come with a lifetime warranty. Other well-known accessory vendors announced officially sanctioned first-party Lightning to USB-C cables at CES 2019, including Belkin and Griffin.

Speaking of cables and adapters, Apple is rumored to beĀ switching its iPhone to USB-C.

To pre-order your Lighting to USB-C cable, visit Anker’s website.