CyPush2 brings push notification support to Cydia

If you’ve ever jailbroken an iPhone or iPad before, then you should be familiar with Cydia as it’s the flagship package manager on the jailbroken iOS platform. Despite its rock-solid stability, Cydia has always been utilitarian by nature and isn’t known for fostering creeper-comfort features. Luckily, Saurik (Jay Freeman) empowered developers to tweak the Cydia app via Cydia Substrate a few years back.

There have only been a handful of Cydia-centric jailbreak tweaks released since Saurik first opened the gates to tweaking Cydia, some of them have been godsends. One great example is CyPush2, a tweak made by iOS developer Julio Verne to bring push notification support to the Cydia app.

CyPush2 is a complete ground-up re-write from the original CyPush tweak, promising to deliver performance improvements and increased battery life over its predecessor. More importantly, you can configure the types of push notifications you receive from Cydia through the tweak.

Once installed, you’ll find a preference pane in the Settings app where you can configure CyPush2 to your liking:

Here, you can:

  • Enable or disable the tweak on demand
  • Only allow push notifications over Wi-Fi
  • Configure your push notification settings
    • Use app icon badges
    • Configure a custom notification text format
    • Show pending package upgrade notifications
    • Show ignored upgrade notifications
    • Show new package notifications
    • Show updated package notifications
    • Hide themes from the list of notifications
    • Hide jailbreak tweaks from the list of notifications
    • Show the progress status in the notification
  • Enable or disable auto refresh
    • Configure a custom auto refresh interval
  • Configure an Activator method to check for updates manually
  • Reset settings to defaults

We’re particularly fond of the option to use the tweak only when connected to Wi-Fi because this prevents unwanted data usage if you have a capped carrier plan. Moreover, we’re fans of being able to customize the notifications and their refresh rates – great for aesthetics and battery usage. Notably, you won’t need Activator unless you want manual notification refreshes.

If you like the idea of being notified when packages are released or updated in Cydia, then you might like CyPush2. The tweak is available as a free download from Julio Verne’s beta repository and supports all jailbroken iOS 7-11 devices; furthermore, the developer has open-sourced the tweak on his GitHub repository.

Will you be installing CyPush2? And if so, how will you configure your Cydia notifications? Share in the comments section below.