Apple acknowledges temporary issues with Apple Music, App and iTunes Stores

App Store, iTunes Store and Apple Music are currently down, slow or inaccessible for some users and Apple has now acknowledged these issues on its System Status page.

“Users may be unable to access multiple services and stores or make purchases,” read a notice on the website. In terms of Apple Music, the system dashboard acknowledges that the streaming service may be unavailable or slow for some users.

These ongoing issues began at 4pm, according to the webpage, but a bunch of reports on Twitter indicated that problems began last night.

According to a thread on the jailbreak subreddit, the connectivity problems with the aforementioned services at first appeared to only affect iOS 11 but it seems that iOS 12 customers are experiencing the problems as well, including jailbroken and non-jailbroken users.

Are you experiencing issues with these services?

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