Screen Time in iOS 12.2 lets you pick specific days and times to activate Downtime

The iOS 12.2 beta, which released for developer testing last week, permits you to set Downtime options in your Screen Time settings on a day by day basis, which wasn’t possible before.

Prior to iOS 12.2, you couldn’t adjust your Downtime schedule depending on which day of the week it was. iOS 12.2 brings more granular control allowing you to customize Screen Time’s Downtime for each day separately, which is super useful.

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This lets you have different Downtime schedules for different days. For instance, parents might want to set up Downtime on kids’ devices to activate at a later time during the weekends.

You can customize your daily Downtime schedule in Settings → Screen Time → Downtime. From there, iOS 12.2 makes it easy to choose to have the same schedule (tap Every Day) or customize the feature on a day-to-day basis (tap Customize Days).

Daily Downtime schedules

Downtime allows only phone calls and specific apps (you get a reminder five minutes before it starts). Downtime syncs via iCloud across all of your Screen Time-enabled devices.

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iOS 12.2 and other OS updates are now available to public beta testers, too. Those softwares should release around the spring when the iPhone maker is expected to launch Apple News subscriptions, along with its video-streaming service, a new magazine-subscription service, health-tracking AirPods, a seventh-generation iPod touch, new iPads and more.

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I’m liking this granular Downtime schedule in iOS 12.2 a lot, but what I’d really like to see is a Do Not Disturb schedule on a day-to-day basis.

How do you like this little Screen Time improvement in iOS 12.2?

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