Track and maintain positive habits in your life with the free Habit app

Maintaining positive habits is hard, whether it be your daily yoga meditation, remembering to drink more water, reading at least a book per month or not using technology before nap time.

Thankfully, App Store has many apps that help you become a better version of yourself, and today we’re spotlighting a free habit tracker for iPhone.

The Habit app by Moscow-based iOS developer Sergey Germanovich and Lithuanian product designer Vitali Gisko makes it easy and fun to create and maintain positive habits to help reach your longterm goals, whatever those might be.

You can create as many habits in this app as you like, see your progress at a glance and move the tasks around with ease thanks to the app’s accessible, minimal user interface.

There are conflicting reports on how long it takes to actually form a new habit. The general consensus seems to be that, on average, it takes anywhere from 21 days to 2 months or more before a new behavior becomes automatic.

To help with that, the app is organized around the calendar so that you can track your habits clearly. Simply add a new habit to get started, like drinking more water or stopping smoking.

Next, select a color for your habit to make it stand out.

Specify how many times you’d like to repeat this habit during a custom timeframe and that’s it. Now you simply tap on the checkmarks to mark the habit as done on any given day.

Of course, the goal is to have as many repetitions as humanly possible because that’s what it takes to form a new habit (conversely, every missed day makes you psychologically weaker).

You can also schedule habits on specific days, add notes and motivational quotes to your habit, get reminded in advance when the next habit is due and more.

It’s great that you can keep tabs on your progress with detailed graphs. To browse the complete history of your tracked habits, simply scroll through the calendar view.

Even though it’s free and ad-free, Habit contains no in-app purchases. Moreover, developers seem eager to listen to and implement user feedback so expect future updates to bring new features and improve the app (they’re currently working on a widget for quick updates).

If you’ve been on the lookout for something new and free to help manage your daily and monthly goals without, be sure to check out this app.

Habit is available at no charge on App Store.