Apple News is expanding to Canada with iOS 12.2 & macOS Mojave 10.14.4

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The Apple News service will come to Canada with the forthcoming iOS 12.2 and macOS Mojave 10.14.4 software updates. Apple News launched in the United States on September 16, 2015 in iOS 9 before expanding to Australia and the United Kingdom.

According to Apple’s release notes:

Apple News will be available in Canada with iOS 12.2 and is now available for Canadian users on the developer beta. News in Canada supports both English and French. Readers can access a bilingual experience when they follow a channel in a second language.

During the beta period, the Canadian expansion won’t reflect all content that will be available when the iOS and macOS updates are released commercially: the Top Stories section and Digests are not updated as frequently as they will be in the shipping product.

Taking advantage of the region-switching trick, Apple customers who don’t live in a supported country are able to use the News app anyway.

TUTORIAL: How to enable Apple News in unsupported countries

Changing iOS’s region settings to United States in Settings → General → Language & Region → Region also unlocks other Apple services that may not yet be available in your country.

Change your region if News is unsupported in your country.

The News app presents articles in a beautiful ad-free format with bold headings, crisp fonts and nice graphics provided publishers have optimized them for the Apple News format.

TUTORIAL: How to use Apple’s News app on Mac

Outlets can also plug their publications into the system by providing Atom and RSS feeds as long as they comply with Apple’s formatting requirements.

Detailed country support for the key iPhone and iPad features can be found on Apple’s iOS Feature Availability webpage, which is typically refreshed once or twice per month.