Wally Next, Flake Face, Key Passages, and other apps to check out this weekend

Apps of the week

This week’s edition of our Apps of the Week roundup includes a sharp-looking financial tracker, a selfie-snowflake-maker, and an app for making digital annotations on physical books. And as always, we’ve selected two great new games for you to check out.

Wally Next

Looking for a way to keep better track of your finances, but haven’t found that perfect app yet? Check out Wally Next. It brings your financial life together so you can plan easier, stay organized and stay in-sync. Features include reminders, foreign currency and account support, and a Groups mode for shared financial planning/tracking. The app itself and many of its features are free, but there are a number of IAPs for power users.

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Flake Face

Given my appreciate for creative, artsy-type apps and the fact we are in the middle of winter, Flake Face just kind of made sense. It’s an app that enables you to create unique snowflake image using—you guessed it—a photo of your face. Sure the results are kind of creepy (especially if you have facial hair), and these types of apps aren’t for everyone. But if you find yourself bored this weekend, Flake Face might be worth a look.

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Key Passages

Physical books or digital books? With Key Passages you don’t have to choose. The app allows you to enjoy the pleasures of reading a physical book while still being able to easily record and lookup quotes and notes. You can easily add books by scanning their barcode, snap a photo of a page, highlight the text of your choice and save. You can also annotate, browse, edit and delete your passages.

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Hang Line: Mountain Climber

Be the hero you were meant to be in Hang Line: Mountain Climber! Armed with your trusty grappling hook, you are tasked with risking it all for mission glory as you search for and rescue stranded survivors on the mountain. Leap and grapple over treacherous terrain, dodge falling boulders, and escape the clues of wild beasts. There are 5 mountain environments with over 50 levels to complete.

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Hit the Light

This is kind of a fun, stress-relieving game. It’s called Hit the Light, and it’s really just you doing everything you can to destroy beautiful neon signs. You can use metal balls, guns, bombs and more to share the glass and score points. I like the simplicity of the game and of course the artwork is beautiful. There does seem to be some sort of subscription model at play, but at the very least you get a free trial to see if you like the game enough to pay.

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