Second Sileo preview released for Electra jailbreak users

The Sileo team has launched its second preview of the brand-new Sileo package manager on Saturday, less than one week after deploying its first.

Citing a Tweet shared by the Sileo team Saturday morning, the second Sileo preview is available via the default Electra repository on the Electra jailbreak, just as the first was:

The Tweet also encompasses a link to the Sileo team’s official changelog for the second Sileo preview, which highlights the following changes:

  • A preview of the News tab, which will display Sileo-centric news throughout the beta
  • 2x faster response time when tapping on the “Get” button to download a package
  • Fix issue where invalid repositories could be added, resulting in a broken “Get” button
  • Fix the appearance of payment providers on the iPad
  • Lay the groundwork for localizations/translations
  • Various other bug fixes and stability improvements under the hood

As noted in the secondary Tweet above, the second Sileo preview includes an entirely new repository storage syntax that will reset your saved repositories when installed. That said, we recommend making a note of all your third-party repositories before installing the second Sileo preview so you can re-add them afterward.

Notably, the Dynastic Repo is the only third-party repository that supports paid jailbreak tweak purchases in Sileo at this time. Support for the Chariz repository is coming soon, but there’s no word about when the popular Packix repository might join that list.

Sileo is also very much in its ‘beta’ stages at this time, which means some features in the app may be absent or buggy leading up to the final release. Given the circumstances, the source code for Sileo is not yet available. The Sileo team notes on its website that it will release the source code at some point after the beta stages:

A small number of advanced jailbreakers have allegedly managed to get the Sileo preview running on the unc0ver jailbreak unofficially, but we don’t recommend following suit. Sileo is only officially supported on the latest version of the Electra jailbreak at this time, and it’s not clear if that will change in the future.

Instead, unc0ver users should continue using Cydia, which has been optimized for iOS 11 and received the official thumbs-up from Saurik.

Have you installed the second Sileo preview yet? Share your experience in the comments section below.