Apple releases an updated version of iOS 12.1.2 for iPhone with build number 16C104

Apple on Thursday released an updated version of the iOS 12.1.2 software with a new build number 16C104. The iPhone-only software update has arrived just three days following the initial release of iOS 12.1.2 with its original build number 16C101.

As MacRumors speculates, a slightly updated build number might hint at further bug fixes or small tweaks that don’t normally warrant a full release.

The over-the-air update can be found in Settings → General → Software Update. “If you’ve already updated to iOS 12.1.2 earlier this week, you probably won’t see the newer version,” MacRumors writes.

This software update could also include additional workarounds for Qualcomm patents over which the chip maker has already secured iPhone injunctions in China and Germany. Apple actually rushed out iOS 12.1.2 as a way of circumventing patent infringement issues in China.